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1.2.4Connect people to intercity, multimodal, and emerging transportation solutions


  • Not started
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Completed


The transit system must support car-free living and must therefore meet intercity travel needs and connect people to diverse and emerging energy efficient modes of travel. This includes electrified two way all day GO service to Toronto and connections to other travel modes such as active transportation, aviation, car share, buses and trains. This work includes the development of the Central Transit Station Hub.

This action will be led by the Region of Waterloo, the Area Municipalities and Metrolinx. Please see below for the most recent publicly available updates.

Metrolinx work Connect-to-GO program where GRT customers can travel to and from the Kitchener GO Train station for free on Grand River Transit. You can now enroll in the Connect-to-GO program using your EasyGO fare card. For more information you can check the link here.


The City of Kitchener's Cycling and Trails Master Plan prioritizes projects that support multimodal living. Neuron e-scooter and e-bike parking stations are strategically located to feed public transit.


The City of Waterloo addresses action 1.2.4 through items included in the City's Transportation Master Plan Update 2020:

  • Advocating for the continuation and expansion of GRT and GO Transit services to and within Waterloo with the Region of Waterloo and Metrolinx, respectively
  • Facilitating and promoting transit within the City through actions such as supportive land use, active transportation connections, road improvements, and real-time transit information
  • Developing an action plan identifying the tasks required to prepare the City for the introduction of automated, connected, and electric vehicles, which include changes to by-laws, policies, and guidelines pertaining to testing, infrastructure design, parking, curb management, traffic control, vehicles and other items
  • Pursuant to the action plan, permit the testing and deployment of automated and connected vehicles on City roads
  • Continuing to develop and implement an electric vehicle charging station program. Explore potential partnership opportunities to develop the network
  • Continuing to transition the City’s fleet of vehicles towards electric and low carbon fuels
  • Considering developing a Smart City Strategy for the City in collaboration with the Region, local stakeholders, and potential partners
  • Facilitating and promote Waterloo as a Smart City through the introduction or modification of by-laws, policies and guidelines, continued monitoring and research of emerging transportation technologies and impacts, collaboration with government, universities and private industry, public education campaigns, staff attendance at conferences and exploring funding opportunities


The Township of Woolwich addresses this action in the 2023 Active Transportation Master Plan (i.e. future Go Station in Breslau).