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About the TransformWR Strategy and Dashboard

Who is ClimateActionWR?

ClimateActionWR is a collaboration between local organizations, community members, and all eight municipalities within Waterloo Region and is co-led by Reep Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region. We focus on climate change mitigation in Waterloo Region by coordinating the activities of our community’s climate action plans, measuring and monitoring progress on emissions reductions, and by engaging the community in climate action initiatives.

Our community is now working together to achieve our community's short-term community target of a 50% greenhouse gas emission reduction by the end of 2030. This short-term reduction target is an important first step toward our long-term goal of an 80% greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction (based on 2010 levels) by 2050 (80by50).

What is the TransformWR Strategy?

The TransformWR strategy is Waterloo Region’s community-wide response to the global climate crisis. It is a community climate action strategy that will help guide the community as we collectively do the work to transition Waterloo Region to a more equitable, prosperous, resilient low carbon community. It outlines our community’s pathway to ‘80by50’, and identifies 78 local actions that can be taken in Waterloo Region to reduce emissions 30% by 2030.

  • In 2018, all 8 area municipal and Region Councils approved the 80% by 2050 target.
  • In 2021 all municipalities in Waterloo Region increased our community’s interim target to 50% by 2030 and adopted the TransformWR strategy.

Every community member, business, organization, and local municipality has an important role to play in Waterloo Region’s transition to a low carbon community.

How Do We Get There?

Our call to action is to transform our community, in the ways we move, the ways we build and operate our spaces, the ways we produce, consume and waste, and the ways we relate to one another. There are Six Transformative Changes that will guide us along that journey.

For each Transformative Change, a set of strategies and action items have been identified, along with key milestones to help track our progress. The outcome of this collective action will lead to achieving our vision for 2050, and ultimately transform Waterloo Region into an equitable, prosperous, resilient low carbon community.

logic model

To learn more about the strategy check out the TransformWR site:

Welcome to the TransformWR Progress Dashboard!

As our community works hard at implementation of all the actions in TransformWR, it can get a little a little tricky to keep track of all the great progress we are making. That is why ClimateActionWR would like to introduce you to our TransformWR progress reporting tool, called the TransformWR Progress Dashboard, that will show you a breakdown of all 78 actions in the TransformWR strategy and the most up to date progress publicly available all housed in one dashboard.

The dashboard is a dynamic tool, meaning that the tool and its content will be continuously updated, including the addition of new features as they are developed.

For more information, please review our Dashboard FAQ and Frequently Used Terms below.

TransformWR Progress Dashboard FAQ