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1.2.1Complete Phase 2 ION to Cambridge, and plan for future higher-order transit service on additional key corridors


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ION light rail is an efficient and zero-emission way of providing "higher order" transit service, where transit vehicles operate in their own dedicated lanes, making service faster and more reliable. ION efficiently moves people where transit ridership is highest, and plays a crucial role in building a reliable and frequent transit system. The second phase of ION will bring light rail transit service to Cambridge, and work on Phase 2 is currently underway.

Beyond Phase 2 ION, we must advance planning for future higher-order transit service for other key corridors in the region.

This action will be led by the Region of Waterloo. Please see below for the most recent publicly available updates.

  • The Transit Project Assessment Process was completed in June 2021.
  • The Stage 2 ION business case is scheduled for 2024.

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To better meet the needs of the community and grow a better bus network to encourage future ridership, Grand River Transit is making transit service adjustments in 2023. The plan, approved during the budget process, includes restoring bus service to pre-pandemic levels as well as several service improvements. Please see the link here for more information.


TravelWise continues to share feedback from Cambridge members that relates to this action.

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Information updated 10/20/2023