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1.2.3Continue to expand access to transit across cities and townships


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More of the Region’s communities and residents can conveniently travel to their destinations using transit when the service is frequent, direct and available at the times it is needed. Programs to ensure everyone can afford to use transit are also crucial.

This action will be led by the Region of Waterloo. Please see the below for the most recent publicly available updates.


To better meet the needs of the community and grow a better bus network to encourage future ridership, Grand River Transit is making transit service adjustments in 2023. Including the Route 79 Breslau Flexible Transit pilot that will continue until the end of 2023 that is a step towards expanding access to transit across cities and townships. Please see the link here for more service information.


TravelWise actively works with members to ensure that they know the existing neighbourhood connections between the active transportation network to accessing the public transit network. TravelWise collaborates with the Region of Waterloo and area municipalities to ensure that we have the latest map of the active transportation network.

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Information updated 10/20/2023