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3.1.2Implement a public literacy campaign to explain and promote the adoption of electric heat pumps for space and water heating in residential and commercial buildings


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If building owners are to replace their existing heating systems with electric heat pumps or highly efficient and low carbon alternatives, they must first be aware of the need to make this switch, learn about the reliability and efficiency of heat pumps and alternatives, and plan for the switch to occur when their existing systems reach their end of life. Various communications methods should be explored to reach diverse communities across the region.

This action will be led by businesses and community capacity builders such as Reep Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region.


Reep Green Solutions offers webinars and in-person Reep House for Sustainable Living tours to learn how to live sustainably and make your home more energy efficient. Educational resources on Reep's Home Energy 101 page help to increase heat pump literacy, including:

  • Recorded webinars on heat pumps and heat pump water heaters
  • List of local contractors' who provide heat pump
  • Homeowner blogs about their heat pump transition
  • Links to NRCan and local heat pump resources

To learn about upcoming events, click here:

Resources have been created by Reep Green Solutions, and the ClimateActionWR Residential and Workplaces Sector Committee to explain and promote adoption of electric heat pumps for space and water heating.

For ClimateActionWR heat pump resources see here.

For Reep Green Solutions heat pump resources see here.


The City of Kitchener is implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track customer interest on electric or heat pump water heaters.


The Township of Woolwich provides public education events regarding heat pumps and moving to net zero in your home.