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3.1.5Identify and implement necessary supports to transition anyone still using fuel oil, or propane for heating to other fuel sources by 2025


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  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Continuous


A proportion of buildings in the region are still heated using fuel oil or propane. These are relatively expensive and carbon intensive ways to heat buildings, but there can be specific challenges building owners face in switching to other fuels. WR Community Energy will lead the investigation of these barriers locally.

Implementing supports in time for transition by 2025 will require assistance from local electric and natural gas utilities, as well as municipalities


WR Community Energy is working on the development of a Thermal Heating Strategy with the aim of a Fall 2023 release. This strategy will address fuel oil use and transitioning and how we decarbonize our heating within Waterloo Region.

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program - NRCan

A new program is available for residents who currently heat their homes using oil to make the switch to a heat pump through the Government of Canada. For more details about the program and eligibility, please visit the 'Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program' official website.


The City of Kitchener has had 90 Customers converted from either oil or propane heating to natural gas (energy transition sometimes involves intermediary fuel types and supporting customers as we transition to lower carbon options).


In 2022 and 2023, the Township of Woolwich provided educational opportunities to Woolwich residents about heat pumps and switching to net zero in your home through Woolwich Climate Action Events.