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1.3.4Develop active transportation and transit programs that target equity-deserving communities


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Not all individuals and communities have the resources to transition to low or no emission transportation. Programs to address diverse barriers must be implemented so that all residents can travel easily and safely to their destinations. These programs must be designed in partnership with equity-deserving groups, and consider interconnected barriers such as safety, funding, education, and community design.

This action will be led by the Region of Waterloo and the Area Municipalities. Please see below for the most recent publicly available updates.

The Region of Waterloo's Affordable Transit Program provides a 48 per cent discount on monthly passes, stored value and MobilityPLUS tickets for eligible low income residents. In 2022 funding was increased and eligibility expanded to reach more residents.

To learn more about the Affordable Transit Program click here.


The Cycling Master Plan looked at equity in neighbourhoods when determining routes.

One of the aims of the Cycling Master Plan was to develop a well-connected cycling network that provides equitable access and serves all areas of the city. An equity analysis determined neighbourhoods with higher concentrations of under-served populations (youth, senior, immigrant, indigenous, and low-income populations). The results of the analysis were used as one of the factors to help prioritize the proposed active transportation networks. The neighbourhoods with the highest equity need were identified as a higher priority for implementation and provided with the highest quality of recommended facilities. Neighbourhoods with the greatest equity need included Elgin Park, Northview, Riverview, Blair, Southwood, Galt City Core, Glenview, Southview, Eastview, and Branchton Park.

The local group, CycleWR, developed a Cycling Route Effectiveness Model, by completing an analysis on building AAA routes (all ages and accessibility) within equity-deserving neighbourhoods.


The Township of Woolwich identifies developing active transportation and transit programs that targets equity-deserving communities as a future consideration.