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1.3.2Expand and innovate on existing programming (e.g. Travelwise) that supports employers and employees in making active transportation and transit the easy and preferred choice for commuting and business travel


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  • Planning

  • Implementation

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Commuting and business travel are significant sources of our transportation emissions yet many of these trips can be made by active transportation and/or transit.

Programs such as carpool matching, GRT’s Corporate Transit Pass, and reimbursement for emergency rides home can help make these choices easy, normal, and low risk.

This action will be led by businesses and employers, and the Region of Waterloo.


Travelwise or a car share program are future considerations for the Township of Woolwich.


Organizations in Waterloo Region can become a member of TravelWise that will enable them to offer active transportation and transit choices for commuting and business travel. For more information on TravelWise and how to join, please visit the Region of Waterloo website.