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For people to make shorter and fewer trips, we need to be able to move goods throughout the community in energy efficient ways. Route optimization, fleet right-sizing, and a shift to low energy transportation options where possible (e.g. using cargo bikes for short distances) can reduce the energy used to move commercial goods in, out of, and around our Region, and the GHG emissions that result.

This action will be led by the businesses in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, with support from the Region of Waterloo and Area Municipalities. Please see below for the most recent publicly available updates.


The Township of Woolwich addresses this action through planning best practices (i.e. Future Elmira by-pass and Highway 7 redevelopment in Breslau).


TravelWise introduced electric cargo bikes to some member organizations in 2023. By collaborating with the members, Travelwise aims to understand how the implementation of these bikes is carried out in the coming months and years.

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Information updated 10/20/2023