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The first step of completing a cluster map is completed.


The global clean economy sector will continue to grow in coming decades to support the transition off fossil fuels. We can help our community to thrive in this new economy by marketing Waterloo Region as a place to advance clean economy innovation. This will help us attract businesses, industries, investments, and expertise that will help to advance the clean economy both here and around the world.

The first stage of work, was to produce a cluster map, through a partnership between the Region of Waterloo, Sustainable Waterloo Region, Waterloo EDC, and WR Community Energy. This step has been completed as of Spring 2022 with the production of Waterloo's Clean Economy Ecosystem. For more information please check out Launching Our Clean Economy Cluster Map blog post on the Sustainable Waterloo Region Website.

Waterloo's Clean Economy Ecosystem Cluster Map


What has been done?

  • Done03/31/2022

    Produce a clean economy sector cluster map