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3.2.5Provide training for and build capacity of building operators and property managers in operating their buildings to zero-carbon standards


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Even with the right design, how a building and its energy systems are used is key to how much energy the building uses. Post construction, building owners and operators are critical to the net-zero or low carbon operations of their buildings. The work includes technical management of the building as well as multilingual tenant engagement to ensure human behaviour follows the model needed for energy efficiency in the building.

This action will be led by Sustainable Waterloo Region, with support from WR Community Energy. Please see below for the most recent publicly available updates.


As noted in the WRCE 2022 Progress Report, WRCE provides ongoing community support and connects with community and professional groups to develop partnerships, deliver presentations and provide strategic advice on energy topics. Leveraging their knowledge of infrastructure, policies, and energy sources and sinks, WRCE provides strategic advice at the early stages of property development. WRCE hosts “Lunch and Learn” modules for planning, architectural, and development firms.