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2.2.3Investigate and implement local opportunities to address barriers to adding electric vehicle charging infrastructure in existing multi-residential buildings and homes


  • Not started

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Completed


For existing homes, charging infrastructure will need to be added to serve all residential parking spaces, since most vehicle charging is expected to happen at home. This may be especially challenging in multi-residential buildings, where dozens or hundreds of cars may need to be charged on a nightly basis.

WR Community Energy is leading the development of Green Development Standards. Green Development Standards Phase one project is complete and moving on to Phase two (community engagement and design). A Green Development Standard (GDS), is a planning and / or design policy consisting of comprehensive principles to ensure all developments align with community environmental, energy, and sustainability goals, including designing new buildings to accommodate electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


The City of Kitchener's new Zoning bylaw requires new multiple dwellings to have 20 percent of the required parking spaces to be EV-ready spaces. Zoning Bylaw 2019-051 was approved that requires EV-ready parking spaces for new multi-residential developments and a mix of EV and EV-ready parking spaces for new non-residential developments.