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2.1.5Develop and implement an electric vehicle public outreach and communication strategy for personal vehicles


  • Not started

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Completed


While longer term needs for public outreach and communication on electric vehicles will be evaluated during the creation of an EV strategy (Action 2.1.1), this work cannot wait for the strategy to be completed. Community members need information now that can help them make sure their next vehicle is zero emissions, and this will be key to reaching an ambitious 50% target for conversion of vehicles. An initial communications strategy for the first few years should be prepared in 2021, and implemented no later than 2022.

A region-wide electric vehicle strategy would be led by a single organization and carried out as a collaboration and community partnership. As of Fall 2023, applications through the NRCan Education and Awareness Project Funding – Clean Transportation and Clean Fuels have been submitted as a means to initiate this project.


The Township of Woolwich is providing public education with events through Woolwich Climate Action initiatives.

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Information updated 10/20/2023