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3.1.10Create a one-window service to support energy-related upgrades for homes and businesses


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Initiating energy-related building upgrades can be time-consuming, intimidating, and involve many technical decision points.

A one-window service makes the process easier. This service may include information on all applicable incentives and best practices for energy-related upgrades, behavioural change campaigns and other supports. The service will help more building owners in performing more upgrades that reduce building-related emissions.

This action has now been tied in with a project now led by Reep Green Solutions and the Region of Waterloo with WR Community Energy playing a facilitation role.


As part of Action 3.1.9, to design a home energy retrofit financing program for Waterloo Region. In 2021, Reep Green Solutions worked with the Region of Waterloo and WR Community Energy to design the financing program as a full-service, customer-centric approach.  

The One-stop Window will be the online hub that supports homeowners on their retrofit journey, helping them to access financing, speak with an Energy Coach (expert), and access available rebates and incentives.  


The Township of Woolwich identifies this action as a future staff initiative.