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3.1.1Upgrade commercial and residential building walls, foundations, attics, windows and doors to reduce heat losses


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It is easier and more economical to upgrade the heating system of a building when the building’s total energy needs are reduced through air sealing and the use of added insulation and, upgraded windows and doors.

This action will be led by building owners with support from community capacity building organizations such as Reep Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region.


Reep Green Solutions’Home Energy Evaluation program is helping homeowners make their homes more energy efficient. The launch of the federal Greener Homes Grant and Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program has led to a surge in interest. Reep’s trained staff and registered energy advisors are assisting homeowners in choosing upgrades that will increase home comfort, save energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2020, Reep has helped homeowners install 876 energy efficiency upgrades, including 174 attic insulation and 269 windows and doors installations.

Reep Green Solutions' resources on how to hire a contractor, lists of different types of local contractors and suggested ways to find reviews and credentials for contractors help people get started.


Members of Sustainable Waterloo Regions' Impact Network have access to resources such as a list of suggested energy-efficient upgrades that each business can consider within their facility. Sustainable Waterloo Region hosts over a dozen in-person and online events yearly, bringing the sustainable community together to network, learn, share experiences, and collaborate. Many of these events include discussions around building envelopes, upgrades that could or have been made by members, and what positive environmental and business impacts have come as a result. Since Sustainable Waterloo Region's office is located at evolv1, Canada’s first Zero Carbon building, frequent tours of the facility to educate members, other organizations, and individuals are provided.

  • What is a Zero Carbon Building?
    • A Zero Carbon Building is a highly energy-efficient building that produces onsite, or procures, carbon-free renewable energy or high-quality carbon offsets in an amount sufficient to offset the annual carbon emissions associated with building materials and operation. To learn more about the design standard, please view the standards provided by Canada’s Green Building Council.